Frequently Asked Questions

Read on about our service and pricing.
  • What is this?

    It's a powerful Chrome extension powered by GPT-4, OpenAI's latest generative AI model (it's replaced their infamous ChatGPT). With it, you can create and transform a variety of web content.

    Fun fact: Our website, "seenopsi" ("σύνοψη" in Greek) stands for "summary".

  • What can I do with your Chrome extension?

    We bring GPT-4 (the latest OpenAI model) right inside Chrome. You can select any text from a page and send a custom prompt to the AI and ask anything about your selection. And you can do the same for the entire page you're on, any links on the page, and any video on YouTube.

    Here are some example prompts:
    - How many words is this text?
    - Can you translate this text to Greek? Be precise
    - List the main points of this article in 50 words
    - What are the main points in this video? Keep it short.
    - Does this video mention anything about the US Open? If yes, what?

    On top of custom prompts, there are also some fixed options available for convenience:
    - Summarize chunks of text and complete webpages
    - Summarize YouTube videos
    - Summarize links (without visiting them)
    - Check and fix grammar
    - Summarize code (and/or get the complexity)

  • What's your pricing model?

    We only have one pricing plan whereby we charge a fixed price for usage up to 100k tokens (~75k words) per month. Your usage will reset at the end of each month. You can monitor your current usage through our Chrome extension.

    You don't need a credit card when signing up for a trial (we only ask for one at the end of your trial, unless you choose not to continue with a standard subscription).

  • Can I cancel my plan if I want to?

    Yes you can. We use Stripe so your subscriptions are self-managed, which means all you have to do is login and cancel anytime. Just make sure to login using the email / Google sign-in account you used when you subscribed.

    If you don't have access to that account anymore, or you have any trouble doing this yourself, just send us an email and we'll sort it out for you.